Which cannabis documentaries are worth watching?

Cannabis is undoubtedly a plant that is interesting not only in terms of its properties and cultivation but also in terms of its impact on the culture and history of humanity. Indeed, the situation around marijuana has always caused a lot of questions and controversy, starting with its ban at the UN level in 1961.

Today, many out of inertia are hysterically afraid of this plant. Someone, on the contrary, calls it almost a cure for all diseases. For example, hemp’s derivative cannabidiol has many proven benefits. Thus such products like CBD cigarettes and other CBD-related goods are in huge demand.

In order to prove this statement, we offer you a selection of extremely interesting documentaries that look at this plant from various angles so that you can form your own clear position on cannabis.

Top 5 Documentaries

Cannabis - The Evil Weed

Produced by BBC Horizon, this film will shed light on many issues surrounding the negative effects of cannabis on the human body. 

Questions answered in this masterpiece:

  • Is it addictive? 
  • Can it lead to the development of schizophrenia? 
  • Is this really a “starter drug”? 
  • Is cannabis medicine?

Within an hour, Dr. John Mardsen will seek answers to all these questions using statistics and scientific data. He will travel to Kazakhstan, to the place where one of the first cannabis landraces appeared, interview specialists from various fields, and even find cannabinoid receptors in ascidians.

Inside: Marijuana

Produced by National Geographic, this film reveals many interesting facts about cannabis benefits. For example, how it is used to combat chronic pain, nausea, and vomiting in people with HIV. The documentary reveals how George Washington and Thomas Jefferson cultivated cannabis on their plantations. The film will tell about scientific research by Harvard University that established the effect of cannabis on the reduction of cancerous tumors and much more.

Having this information will be extremely useful for any CBD cigarettes lover.

Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

An excellent film in which not just experts but the patients themselves speak about the medical benefits of cannabis. In addition to documentary evidence of people who have experienced healing effects on themselves, the movie also examines the very principle of the effects of cannabis on humans. Of course, it was not without the opinion of the opponents of marijuana, which is also reflected here in the interview format.

CBD Nation

This documentary film about CBD by Mad Machine Films reveals all the health effects of cannabidiol. The film consists of a series of interviews presented with both well-known doctors specializing in the use of hemp for therapeutic purposes, and with the consumers of medicinal extracts themselves, as well as people who support the movement to legalize the plant and its active substances, both in the United States and other countries of the world. One of the main guests of the documentary is the well-known activist and entrepreneur, Steve DeAngelo, who founded one of the first therapeutic hemp stores in the United States, Harborside Health Center, which is currently the largest clinic in the country specializing in the use of hemp and plant extracts in physiological therapy and psychological ailments.

The Culture High

This movie, created by Netflix, is worth watching, at least because it has a high rating on IMDb, which is a very good indicator. Another reason is that it asks correct and ambiguous questions: 

  • Do we have the right to choose if they are so eager to take it away from us? 
  • Does a person who decides to make cannabis a part of their life deserve the contemptuous stigma and general dislike - after all, this is their life and their choice?

The film views marijuana not as a psychoactive plant but as a social phenomenon. The creators make one think that, perhaps, society should fight not with drugs but with the reasons for their use.

Filmakers and Bios

Rachel Lyon

Writer / Director / Producer

Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Rachel Lyon has produced 65 feature films, movies-for-television, feature documentaries and limited series. Her work focuses on critical global issues, human rights, civil equality, art and archeology and history. She has served as professor at NKU, Southern Methodist University, Bentley University, and Queens College. Lyon has written multiple law journal articles, and her films have appeared on CNN, PBS, BBC, History Channel and National Geographic, among others.

Pi-Isis Ankhra


Pi-Isis Ankhra has over 15 years of experience within the philanthropic industry, developing strategic initiatives targeted at leveraging private and public investments. Ankhra has broadened her professional offerings to include media. As a film, television, and live event producer, Ankhra has engaged targeted audiences around stories that bring attention to cultural issues often underrepresented in mainstream media. Ankhra has worked in partnership with the Ford Foundation, Democratic National Committee, and the NAACP, among others.

Bavand Karim

Cinematographer / Associate Producer

Bavand's work focuses on social justice and the relationship between mass media and social movements, including the Arab Spring. He is the producer of the award- winning documentary film, Nation of Exiles, and co-producer of Fox's organic lifestyle program Dig In DFW. Karim teaches film at Emerson University in Boston.

Reggie Turner

Associate Producer

Reggie Turner is an entertainment attorney based in Los Angeles, and director of a documentary film chronicling the experiences of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot survivors, titled Before They Die! A film chronicling the survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot and their quest for justice.